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24 May
Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
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St. Albans High School - St. Albans WV (1989 - 1992)
Marshall University - Huntington WV (1992 - 1999)
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49ers, 80's music, aaron allston, absolut, acting, arts, ballads, bargain books, baseball, beaches, black and white movies, british comedies, buffy the vampire slayer, calvin and hobbes, cartoons, cats, chasing amy, chick flicks, christmas, christmas trees, classical music, clerks, clinque, coffee, color guard, comics, computers, connie willis, cotton clothes, coupland, coupling, cuddling, dilbert, dogma, douglas coupland, dr. who, driving, drum corp, dvds, ed norton, electronica, england, enya, exploring, fall, far side, fight club, filk, fleece pullovers, flying, football, fps, frappaccino, gadgets, games, geeks, gencon, harry connick jr, harry potter, holding hands, hope, hsx, hugs, industrial, inspiration, jimmy stewart, john hughes, kevin smith, kindred spirits, learning, love, mallrats, marshall university, math, meditation, metropolis, michael stackpole, microserfs, movies, mozilla, muds, music, netscape, obi-wan kenobi, ocean, ocean beach, patrick norton, pbs, pg tips, philosophy, pictures, plays, popsicles, programming, psychology, public transportation, quiet peaceful moments, raiders, rain, rainy days, random interactions, reading, red soxs, richard feynman, romance, romantic comedies, roses, rpgs, san francisco, san francisco giants, science fiction, singing, smiling, snuggling, soundscapes, south park, star wars, starbucks, stellarcon, strattera, subaru, sunny days, sweaters, talking, tea, the matrix, the screensavers, theater, they might be giants, thinking, this old house, thunderstorms, timothy zahn, trading spaces, trains, transformers, traveling, trees, uk, user friendly, videogames, view askew, vodka, warm sand, weird al yankovic, wes janson, writing
A geek, a friend, and a mom. I like to figure stuff out and spend time with my daughter and her father.

It took me a long time to find real lasting happiness in life, but that is exactly what I've found and work to hold onto each day.

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